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Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: Pricing?

Any remodel will need funding.  Budgets range anywhere from a smaller project $1500 to $45k for a full home landscape.  This greatly depends on how much the homeowner is willing to invest on what will be your new landscape.



The bid for what you want us to do is always free.

There is no fee for you telling us what you want done

If you decide you want to hire us for our creativity and solving landscape issues, we do charge for our recommendations and expertise.

Based on experience, a minimum budget of 10k per front / backyard is a good budget. This usually includes irrigation, design, materials and labor.

Before you spend your hard earned money on landscaping, trust a professional and be cautious of those without a strong portfolio or the know-how.


Before you spend thousands, consider spending a few hundred to know that the job will be done right and you will have a better picture of how your new landscape will look in the end!


Q: Do you take credit cards?

YES we do!


Q: Do you offer landscape maintenance?

We currently do not. Please look in my resources link for a recommendation.


Q: I dont know if I need tree work done, can you tell me?

Yes, I will tell you if work is needed, but if you have trees touching roof or if they are about 3-4 feet away, you need them trimmed for "roof clearance".


Q: Do you ONLY work in Austin?  

We work in South, Central, N Austin and West Austin.  =)  


Q: How can we schedule a free estimate?

Please fill out the contact form, include your name, address, contact number as well as your availability.