Woody's Tree 'n Stone

Landscape and design

Austin , Tx


DESIGN - We will design a plan based on your likes and needs as well as our recommendations.  It is to your benefit to visit designs you like from books, magazines, photos on the internet, etc.. . houzzz or places on the net like that


TREE TRIMMING to emergency tree removal.   References available: both longstanding and recent.  Live Oaks? We are careful to disinfect and only use proper equipment when doing tree work. We  care for your trees.


LANDSCAPING - Complete yard make-overs are our specialty.  We strive for water-wise landscapes using native plants and materials.  We love to use stone as long as it fits in the design plan.  We do major clean ups and real-estate "make ready" for folks who want to spruce up the outside to sell the house.  It is a wonderful feeling to come home to a beautiful place!  Landscaping improves the value of your home as well as the quality of life at your home - that is guaranteed!


HARDSCAPING - "Stone Work", we can create that stone path, wall, or garden you've always wanted.  Something about stone sure makes a boring yard come to life! Whether it is drystacked, mortared, or natural, we can create retaining walls for a sloped property.  We can create a path using natural stone or engineered stone such as Belgard paver stone.  I'm constantly talking to fellow masons on new ideas and technologies.  Check out my resources page for info on a stone yard; might be a good idea to visit them too.

**If you answer YES to any of the question below, you need tree work done:

Are trees or branches touching or almost touching your roof?  Even gentle rubbing on the roof can damage the roof surface, causing thousands of dollars of damage if a leak goes undetected.  Rodents like to use tree branches for access into your home!

Are your tree branches so low that you hit your head walking under them?  

Is some or all of you grass dying for lack of sun?

Are large amounts of leaves, nuts, pollen on your roof?  Even small amounts of debris can damage your roof and gutters.


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